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Bookstore Management

Higher Learning believes that a store’s success is not only attributed to having the right ‘stuff’ but also to having the right ‘staff’. To that end, we hire the best people with customer service experience so that each student gets the special attention they deserve. Higher Learning Supply Company’s regional store manager has extensive retail experience and brings a wealth of knowledge right to your store. When not directly involved with customers, store staff are continuously attending to all the details, such as folding clothing and dusting shelves, restocking, etc. and just overall maintaining the quality image and reputation that is critical to Higher Learning and the school’s success.

Our buyer works closely with you to stock those very items that your students and faculty want to purchase. In other words, we cater to the students and faculty at your school. We do this by listening to them and fulfilling all of the appropriate requests that we can. If there’s a new hot item, we have it available for our customers first!

Online Bookstore

Higher Learning Supply Company custom builds a user-friendly online store for each school, making it easier for busy students, alumni, and parents to make worry-free purchases in a secure environment. Our web design team photographs each product, and then uploads the product images and descriptions as they arrive in the store. Product availability is kept up-to-date daily. A key component of the exceptional customer service for the online store is that all inquiries are answered online within hours. Please take a few minutes to visit www.choatebookstore.com to view one of our sites.

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